Journalist. Editor. Sydney and thereabouts.



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I am a feature writer and editor based in Sydney.

My work has featured in The Guardian, BBC, The Saturday Paper, Australian Financial Review, Sunday Life, The Economist-1843, The Monthly among others.

I’m an old school generalist, covering everything from ocean plastics to rage rooms; post-truth to home birth. My focus is on reportage, wherever possible abandoning my desk for reporting in the flesh, but always deeply researched. A journalism that revolves around human stories in bringing new perspectives to understanding political and cultural events.

Print rules, of course, but I’m increasingly interested in digital storytelling and a new frontier of longform non-fiction on the web. I also do the odd bit of TV/video production and interviewing for the likes of the BBC and Al Jazeera English.

I’m an experienced editor, heading a specialist publication in London for five years, saving it from the brink of going out of print.